News story about aging workforce unsurprisingly only interviews elderly people working because they want to

This quaint story in the Denver Post is all about how America’s workforce is aging, based on things such as the workforce of 62 and older grew 62% between 1998 and 2008 and the number of workers over 75 more than doubled.   It is also projected that this trend will continue, leading to a rise in both by between 25% and 30% in each category.  While they find two people to interview about this, both of them had former white-collar jobs.  They make mention of the fact that people are working later because they don’t want to be bored and want to ‘stay active’.  I wonder if you asked the ever increasing number of elderly folks working in fast food and grocery stores why they were there if they would say it was to “stay active”.  Left out of the story is the fact that along with the economic downturn, the constant cuts and reductions to both pensions and Social Security are ensuring that there is an ever widening group of Americans who will have no choice but to either live in basically poverty or to work until death.


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