Congressional failure provokes disgust on numerous levels

Well, since our congress of buffoons, currently holding at a 9% approval rating (somewhere between Charles Manson and colon cancer) is going to change the debate from ‘solving the debt crisis’ to ‘figuring out how to untrigger a trigger without appearing like a bunch of useless old queefs.’   I’m just kidding, as clearly the House is not concerned with appearing useless, to do otherwise would require entirely too much work.   I enjoy how Republicans try to cast blame on the dems for rejecting the recent Boehner endorsed plan, which had half as much deficit reduction as outlined by the committee’s goals and the least amount of additional revenue proposed yet.  From what I know of negotiation, which is admittedly not that much, this is the opposite route to reaching a successful agreement; which is usually achieved through both sides gradually making their demands more reasonable and appealing to the other side.  Instead, Republicans seem to think that negotiation work best when one side continuously rejects every plan the other makes, while simultaneously making their plan more and more unappealing to the other side out of the hopes that they will agree to it out of lack of testicular fortitude in the face of looming deadlines.  Which will hopefully continue to not work out for them.

Anyways, here is a New York Times article with a few good takeaways.  First, from Rep Jeb Hensarling of Texas “As a nation,” he said, “I am not sure how long we have to put America on a sustainable path.”   To which I can only give the common sense answer of ‘only so long as we want to America to be sustained.’  Far more revealing, and disgusting, was this pair of comments.  An anonymous democrat exclaimed ” “We made a reasonable offer and got nothing in return. We got naked in the room. Republicans are standing there in overcoats, hats and gloves and are toasty warm.”   Meanwhile, an aide to Republican Rep Toomey said “We showed some leg. The Democrats want us to get completely naked.”  That said, I will now suppose that the only thing with a lower approval rating than our current congress would be our current congress naked.


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