New heights in audacity

Here’s a joke for you: one of America’s largest insurance companies so ineptly invests its assets that in order to keep it from becoming totally worthless, and taking hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans down the tubes with it the Federal Government ponies up $85 billion of our money for a company who’s stock value has dropped to less than a fifteenth of that.  Now here’s the punchline: three years later, the company run by the former CEO of said insurance company says sues that same Federal Government for another $25 billion because it claims the government unfairly compensated it for is toxic assets.  Five to one he’s able to reach a ‘settlement’ with a nice federal lawyer who will proceed to retire from public work and take up a nice consultant or executive position affiliated with said CEO’s company.

via Former AIG CEO Sues Claiming Taxpayers Need To Pony Up $25 Billion More.


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