I enjoy the function of a holiday as a reason for a family to all get together and be mostly civil with each other, however I have trouble with the nature of some of those days and the celebrations therein.  For instance, Thanksgiving really just makes me think of how the Native Americans initially treated us, and the genocidal madness on our part that followed.  I understand the concept of being thankful for things, and that this is good, but I also feel like what we’re all celebrating is how thankful we are that this land’s indigenous people were way too nice and trusting for their own good.

Pleasing alternatives to Thanksgiving would include Buy Nothing Day, which I wholeheartedly encourage, which is celebrated by actively not spending anything on “Black Friday” as a statement against consumerism.  I feel that this is particularly relevant now, and anybody who is shopping tomorrow I strongly encourage you to buy from local and/or independent businesses, where your money will do the most good to better our actual economy.  Another alternative, coinciding on this same day this year, on November 25, we have Evacuation Day, a day celebrated until the early 20th century commemorating the end of the British occupation of New York.  We all know what the grievances the founding fathers had with the British were, but I think that now of all times it is important to think about what they mean, and what they would mean in a modern context.  It would seem to me that the most relevant of these to the modern United States is that of taxation without representation.  What I think every American citizen should be asking themselves is this: are my views being represented in my government?  Congress’s 9% approval rating would seem to indicate that most people feel this is not the case.  How did  our government for the people, of the people, and by the people so blatantly become a governing of the people, for the wealthiest, by the slightly less wealthy?  The unfortunate answer to this is that each and every citizen in the US has helped it happen, and the only way to fix it is for all us lowly governed peons to work together and fix the system.


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