Scott Gessler: a persistent threat to Democracy in Colorado

Here are some links about why Colorado needs to recall Scott Gessler.  In our modern ‘representative democracy’ no political figure has more clout in determining the outcome of a state’s election results than the Secretary of State of the state in question, and consequently it is of utmost importance that a state’s Secretary of State be reliably nonpartisan.  Contrary to this, Colorado’s Scott Gessler has a track record of being fiercely partisan, going so far as to not only drastically reduce the fine for a GOP campaign finance violation, he then appeared as a guest of honor at the fund raiser held by the GOP to pay off the fine, and was originally scheduled to appear at a dunk tank for the purposes of paying off the fine.  Now, he wants to cut back on security around electronic voting machines, I wonder why?   We need to get him out of office before Novermber 2012.


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