What do you mean ‘no plan B’?

It’s not that I particularly care whether or not young girls can buy the morning after pill, although personally I would say that not only should they be able to, they probably just should. However, the reasoning used by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in overruling the FDA and keeping Plan B sales as they currently are is a little weird. From the AP:

“It is common knowledge that there are significant cognitive and behavioral differences between older adolescent girls and the youngest girls of reproductive age,” Sebelius said. “I do not believe enough data were presented to support the application to make Plan B One-Step available over the counter for all girls of reproductive age.”

As a layman, I am guessing that she is arguing about ‘behavioral and cognitive differences’ because the physical differences, have been properly studied by the FDA, who were ready to approve over-the-counter sales.  Here’s the rub: out of all of the people who could possibly be taking the morning after pill, shouldn’t we be giving perhaps the MOST support to girls under 14 or whatever who are pregnant and are on the ball enough to get rid of it immediately?


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