There is a terrible article in the Denver Post today drastically underplaying the effects of SOPA and PIPA; giving the appearance that the only people concerned are internet companies, who are worried about losing revenue. It is so misleading and dumb that I refuse to link to or quote it. The Post has always been a hacky, terrible paper, but this is just the fucking worst; of course this is also the ‘news organization’ that wanted to sue people for quoting their content in blogs without paying for it.  The reason people are concerned about SOPA and its Senate equivalent PIPA is because they kill freedom.  They kill it dead.  Like knock freedom down to the floor and bash its freedom’s brains out with a can of tomato soup dead.  The copyright provisions in the legislation are actually among the least chilling; much more frightening are things such as giving the Attorney General to censor any foreign websites visited by American citizens, or blocking internet access to cheap and generic Canadian pharmaceuticals.  The fact that it makes file sharing, even of one song or video, punishable by jail time is, well, you know, a bonus.  It also effectively removes copyright prosecution from the frustrating restraints of the fourth amendment.  Look, file sharing might have killed the music industry, but you know what, it saved music from being quite such an unescapable sea of crap.  And the RIAA is still upset about that.  Fuck all these stooges, keep the internets free.  They are the future, and they will be the key to our freedom.  This is known, and this is why such a profound and reactionary effort to censor the web exists.


One comment on “SOPA/PIPA

  1. We are going to lose the online world if you do not get up and protest against SOPA and ACTA.

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