Blackberry cream pie

Here is a step by step of a cream pie I made recently, the how and what and whatnot.  No recipes, though.


I do not like a soggy crust on a pie, so when I make a cream pie I like to line the bottom of the crust with chocolate.  For this pie I have used a ganache made with dark chocolate and blackberry brandy, but I would not recommend this if you are not an experienced chocolatier.


Then one single layer of rather tightly packed blackberries, slightly pressed into the ganache.


For my liquid filling I used a boiled custard, and then let it cool for several hours.  You can use vanilla pudding, but I prefer to avoid gelatin based fillings and instead organic, local dairy and cage free eggs.


For the topping I used a very thin layer of homemade whipped cream.  Then cover it with saran wrap and let it set overnight. 


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