Clean energy and the restoration of the nation

So Obama wants to really focus on clean energy?  Welcome to ten years ago.  Since this has been the most logical path for the country since I have been capable of logical thought, I have had a great deal of time to think about it.  Here are some of my ideas:
1) Put our farm subsidies to good use by paying farmers to energy farm instead of growing weeds; and restructure the current tax credit and rebate system to make it actually profitable for the landowners of the american midwest and west to use their property for renewable energy.
2) Allow states to directly compete in the energy market using energy they buy directly from the citizenry.  Don’t like xcel gas?  How about solar from colorado, wind from wyoming, or hydroelectric from the pacific northwest?  The system of power for profit is bankrupting this country, we can fix this by allowing the profit to flow into back into the government, and then back to the people.
3) Let us reallocate the grotesque amount of funds currently being spent on military technology and overseas troop deployment for the purposes of both building all this awesome clean energy shit as well as improving our nations roads.  I would also like to see the advent of a high speed electric rail line across the whole damn country powered by the renewable energy assets of the states it passes through and run by the government for a restricted amount of profit.  I know this seems expensive, but its a better idea than, oh, a permanent base on the moon.

Here is a link to the speech on clean energy.


One comment on “Clean energy and the restoration of the nation

  1. 3deye says:

    Excellent blog. It’s always good to read original ideas. It’s totally logical that states, ie the people, should both produce and market their own energy for the benefit of the people themselves. I don’t see how the energy profiteers could even complain about it as long as it’s not subsidised in any way, apart from providing cheap loans to people to help with their start-up costs. As for spending trillions on illegal wars and the military . . . when will people finally wake up to all that insanity?

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