The AP finally uses the magic word regarding the Occupation

So there was a massive conflict [NY Times]  in Oakland last night [Denver Post] between Occupy Oakland and the Oakland police force, and other law enforcement agencies.   Apparently big enough to involve this thing:

(Photo courtesy of Rogue Planet’s flickr feed, thanks in advance)

Which is interesting, because it means the local Sherriff’s department has been preparing itself for some kind of situation involving that thing.  Almost as if a violent uprising of the poor and working class is now inevitable in this country.  Now, I support all kinds of things, because I want to keep my options open.  I would love to see the current US government reformed and restructured to be both efficient and responsive to the actual needs of its people.  I would also like to see the current US government completely thrown out on their fucking asses, and the people seizing their assets (regardless of means) back from their neofeudal slave drivers.  So bully for you, Occupy Oakland, and I hope to see more action like this across the country.  God knows there are plenty of unoccupied buildings in the Denver area that could house a several thousand people, ranging from the former Gates Rubber Factory, to the former Denver Post building, or whatever that giant thing next to Cuernavaca Park is.

Of course, this was not a protest, “Oakland Councilman Ignacio De La Fuente, echoed Reid’s sentiments and said that what was going on amounts to ‘domestic terrorism.”-[DP]   Now, since the protesters tried to break into one vacant building, and broke into the closed city hall, who exactly would they be trying to terrorize?  Their fellow citizens?  Or the corrupt and corpulent lapdog government that begs for scraps at the table of the Nation’s ultra-wealthy as they continuously expand their exploitation of not only the average American citizen, but the citizens of second and third world nations across the globe.  If the establishment is angry that the Occupation is no longer going to play nice, well, we tried to play nice, and the Federal government coordinated a nationwide police action against our peaceful protest movement.  Nobody ever said giving up control was easy, but it is those in power who decide how peacefully this process will go; they would do well to remember that there are many, many more of us than there are them, and we will get our country back eventually.  It’s the American Way.


3 comments on “The AP finally uses the magic word regarding the Occupation

  1. 3deye says:

    And another enjoyable and illuminating blog, Steaks. It’s so good to read someone who’s on the side of human rights and social justice, and who can write as well as this.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it. I hope that what I perceive as changing social tides will bring more people to socially progressive ways of thinking.

      • 3deye says:

        Rising levels of poverty and public anger at the lack of social justice will inevitably lead to greater demands for change, and blogs such as yours are necessary to help steer public perception about progressive ways of thinking and progressive political action. Someone on the BBC this morning was reiterating how important it is for non-violent activism and change that global communication thrives through websites and blogsites that exchange information and ideas. The 1% no longer controls the exchange of ideas and information like they used to. The 99% need to communicate more effectively in order to appreciate their common needs and to articulate their demands for change.

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