Komen Foundation to Continue Planned Parenthood Founding

This has already been a big year for social media, first with the surprisingly effective online action against SOPA/PIPA, and now with the Komen Foundation dropping their plan to cut their funding to Planned Parenthood.  While it is sad that something such as cancer funding can become a political issue, that is exactly what happened.  Here is an article from the Atlantic describing how the Komen foundations public policy arm is run by a staunchly pro-life former GOP politician, who had pledged while running for governor to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

Fortunately, we once again were treated to the actual power of the internet’s social media network in convincing the Foundation to continue funding breast cancer screenings (I seriously can’t even believe I had to write that) at Planned Parenthood.  I suppose the whole “under investigation” issue might be more of a thing if you regard potentially spending government money on abortion a grave issue, I personally don’t care, as it is both a medical procedure and a private matter; I don’t see why its funding should be subject to any more additional rules and regulations.  After all, aren’t the GOP the ones who are always complaining about how regulation is unAmerican?  Regardless of the whole thing, if you ask me, taking away funding for low-income breast cancer screenings is downright inhuman.  The fact that it might have been a coordinated attack by two career GOP politicians who share both a staunchly pro-life record as well as similarly minded financial backers is just deplorable.


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