G for Vendetta

Obligatory link to story in the Post

So here are my thoughts on the Republican race in Colorado, for the nobody who particularly wants to hear them. Bear in mind of course that I wouldn’t consider myself a member of either party, my personal political beliefs being best describes as a strongly freedom-minded leftist. Mitt Romney appeals to the moneyed elite wing of the party, hence the Denver Post endorsement, as well as those who are Republican mainly for reasons of financial self-interest. Ron Paul, who, if you apply the traditional definition is the only Conservative Republican in the race, appeals to the like. However, the modern republican party is no place for someone who believes in a smaller, less intrusive, cost effective government; and so he is regarded rightfully as a fringe candidate. Rick Santorum is the kind of guy who looks at Iran and says ‘the only problem with them is that they aren’t Christians’; and would endeavor to make our nation as similar to such a theocracy as possible, simply swapping out their faith for his. Which brings us to the Newtster. The Newtmeister. Newtzilla. His Newterness. Let’s go with that last one. Newt appeals to two types of people: angry racists who have more fear and hatred than common sense; and the women who think that they could be the next Newt Gingirch. Like this one:
“Nicholle DeVere, who attended the Gingrich rally in Golden in the morning and also planned to see Romney at night. The 34-year-old from Parker said she has always liked Gingrich and ‘just wanted to be in the same room with him.”
From that Post story, of course. Also, gross.

So, if you call yourself a Republican or a conservative, I don’t understand how you could vote for anyone other than Ron Paul, because he is the only one who isn’t a clingy and transparent phony. I wouldn’t vote for him in a million years, but civil negotiation between people like him and people like me is what helped this country succeed for 150 years, before both parties simply became the Corporation parties.


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