I went to see Radiohead last night

The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

It was, of course, excellent.

Here are pictures, and I will be adding a couple videos into this post as I get them doctored and uploaded.

I don’t even see the point of writing a review of a Radiohead concert.  They are the best live band I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot) and they basically continue to evolve and progress every time they tour.  I have never seen two Radiohead shows that were alike, even when I saw them on back to back nights in San Francisco.  I was hoping to hear some new, as of yet unheard song, which did not happen.  However, there were many nods throughout the show to the serious fan; the Hunting Bears outro on National Anthem, playing Amnesiac b-side Amazing Sounds of Orgy, and the nearly two minute long True Love Waits intro to Everything In Its Right Place.  Of course, they are continuing to move in the same direction live as on their albums, focusing less on straightforward guitar driven rock and more on, well, whatever you would call their post OK Computer style, as they are basically the definition of undefinable.  (Haha)


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