*disgusted sigh*

So, I have not written anything here in a bit, mainly because the current status of the political/media environment makes me more sad and angry than it has ever managed to do before.  I don’t think I have seen such open bigotry in the public forum (be it against women or african americans) since the treatment American muslims got after 9/11, when it was not uncommon to hear pundits and politicians suggest that traditional Islamic attire might get one shot.  Now, the major difference between then and now is that in the early post 9/11 environment anti-islamic sentiments were lent an air of misguided rage due to the whole ‘deaths of a couple thousand americans at the hands of religious zealots’ thing.  In contrast, all black people did was show some indignation over the unprosecuted murder of an innocent teenager, and all women want is to be able to decide what goes into their body.
I do not really know how to respond to these things because the fact that these people haven’t been shouted out of the public square for their hateful and worthless opinions is very upsetting to me.  The fact that Geraldo Rivera could suggest that an unarmed 17 year old’s hoodie was more responsible for his death than the man who shot him, and that people would not only support him but also his ridiculously racist idea just enrages me.
The fact that our religious freedom, one of my personal favorite parts of the Constitution, would get cited as a reason for allowing a workplace to fire a woman for using the pill (looking at you, Arizona) literally, LITERALLY, makes me want to throw up.  It is important to remember that while a good percentage of the early American colonies were founded by religious fundamentalists, these were the people who were also mostly content to live under British rule, not the people who would go on to create this nation. 
So, basically, I am just not going to write about current events, and instead write more boring-ass though pieces on the state of the world in general.  And maybe leave America, depending on how the 2012 election goes.  


One comment on “*disgusted sigh*

  1. 3D Eye says:

    Wonderful, passionate and justifiable rage. Brilliant. Been missing your blogs. Looking forward to more now that you’ve found a new road to drive down.

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