Ten Reasons to support the 5/1 General Strike

On May 1, in Denver and across the globe, labor organizations and other progressive advocacy groups are calling a General Strike, a day of no work to call attention to some of the problems plaguing our country.  Here are ten reasons for a person to participate.
1. You object to the global exploitation of the working class at the hands of the ownership class.
2. You object to the thoroughly un-American taxation without representation that is forced upon 90 percent of American society as the remaining 10 percent (or less, based off financial contribututions it is more like .05 percent) control all successful federal policy.
3. You want American to not only treat its workers fairly, but to only do business with countries that treat their workers fairly; thereby bringing competition back to the US economy, and not at the expense of the working class.
4. You want elected officials who are willing to be reasonable and work together for the best interests of the country, not simply accommodate the interests of their highest bidders.
5. You want the United States to join the 1st world and offer a reasonable public health care option, to reduce overall costs through competition and to better the health of the overall population.  Healthy workers are more productive workers.
6. You do not want a government that uses the money of its citizens and future citizens to wage war against the wishes of its citizenry and build an imperialistic military presence across the globe.
7. You do not want a government that, during the midst of a nearly unprecedented economic an crisis, chooses to spend its efforts legislating reproductive rights.
8. You do not want a government that, during this same crisis, would spend its resources taking medicine away from sick people, medicine they are allowed by state law to posess.
9. You are one of millions of Americans working for a wage that can barely be considered live-sustaining, in a job with little to no benefits, and little to no upward mobility.
10. Last, but not least, you can strike and march because you are a human being and want to improve conditions everywhere for not only yourself, but also your fellow man.


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