Re: charges filed in that racist-ass Martin case

The unfortunate thing about the charges now filed in the very-much-a-homicide case in Florida is that at this point, it will come across that the State is acting to appease the justifiably enraged black community instead of simply doing what it should have done initially.  The fact of the matter should remain that regardless of race or ethnicity, and outside of his own home, no conflict between an armed adult citizen with a car and an unarmed 17 year old on foot, should end in the death of the teenager.  At any point in the process, Zimmerman could have just done what the cops told him to and left the kid alone and the whole thing would have stopped then and there.  Instead, even if Treyvon did accost George Zimmerman, it seems to me like a totally reasonable reaction to essentially being stalked like prey, as he would be by any murderer or sex pervert.  If I noticed a suspicious ass motherfucker following me for a while while muttering into his phone and whatnot, first I would try to lose him, to see if he was really following me, and then I would fucking accost him for following me.  That seems like the reasonable course of action to me.  Following some teenager, against the urging of the cops, through a residential neighborhood in your car, and then getting out of your car to stalk him some more, and then in an ensuing conflict shooting and killing him?  That is in no way a reasonable course of action, what that is is essentially premeditated homicide.  The fact that it wasn’t considered as such by the law until now is both a sham and a tragedy; and the amount of racism that it has exposed in certain members of the media is appalling.  Now, however, we can move on.  Bearing in mind of course that Geraldo said that being black and wearing a hoodie was basically like riding a motorcycle without a helmet, only more dangerous; and that Tucker Carlson is the most racist of all ‘respected journalists’.


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