A Quick Hello to the Department of Homeland Security

The incredibly long list of words that the DHS is monitoring facebook, twitter, and whatever else you talk to people with begins on page 20 of this document.


A Note on Progressive Reform

Often times, people attempt to dismess progressive social policy as more expensive than our current system, when nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, universal social programs are much cheaper than any other alternative for a few simple reasons.  First, we can reallocate all the financial and personnel we currently spend on keeping people from receiving government aid.  Which is a disturbingly large amount.  Replacing Medicaid and Medicare with one universal program that is available to everyone and completely funded by tax monies would most likely be possibly simply by combining the budgets of the two current agencies and resulting in a system that provides a better end result of care to more people for less money.  Furthermore, if the government were to engage actively in production of pharmaceuticals (at least for the subscribers of its current plan) this would substantially lower operating costs even further.  The essential thing to remember about a properly run government agency is that it is run to save money, not to make money, and that is much beneficial for the less affluent consumers, and more financially efficient for everyone involved in the economic equation.

On The Public Suffocation of Colorado’s Civil Unions Bill

So, as I predicted with my magic powers, Frank McNulty killed the Civil Union bill the only way he could: procedurally.  Instead of sending it to any committee actually related to the bill, he sent it to the House Committee for State, Veterans, and Military Affairs, known as a ‘kill’ committee for the fact that all of its Republican members have safe seats and no reason to fear voter or public reprisal.  While the bill had previously been able to gain the support of the one necessary Republican to survive in each of its 3 (THREE!) Committee hearings, the old white assholes masquerading as Republican public servants would prove faithful to McNulty and the extreme right.  This, despite the fact that the bill not only had substantial popular support among both Colorado’s public and elected officials.  In fact, had the bill made it to the house floor, it is likely that it would have most likely have had a supermajority (or very close) of supporters.  Continue reading

The Unfortunately Unavoidable Death of Civil Unions

So, I guess it is time to talk about the unfortunate realities of our political system, and how they are often used as a tool for subverting the actual democratic process.
Post story about this terrible ordeal.

Long story short, Colorado’s civil union bill (which had a surprising 60-70 percent popular support in the past couple months) died in the most unglorious way possible: publicly, and procedurally.  The small handful of Republicans who supported this bill (more on them later) should it reach the House floor were enough to guarantee its success, which is only logical as many of the political values Republicans claim to adhere to would actually suggest that perhaps the Big Government shouldn’t get in the way of TWO ADULT CONSENTING HUMANS to get married at all.  Continue reading

The Invisible, Strangling Hand

Some looney toons economists would have you believe that everything would be better without any kind of regulation, as the economy is guided by an ‘invisible hand’.  These people are half right, in the sense that the economy, the real non-monetary economy, is composed of billions of ‘invisible hands’.  There is no easier way to see the principles of chaos theory, or the so-called ‘Butterfly Effect’ at work than to look at global economics.  The global economy is affected at some level by all things, that happen everywhere.  Where they are wrong is in their claim that this will lead to anything other than a gradual concentration of wealth in a smaller and smaller percent of the population, this having the secondary effect of making a higher and higher percent of the population into second class citizens, essentially 21st century slaves. Lately, however, it has become clear that there is one group of hands consistenly and thoroughly shaping the economy in their favor, and at ridiculous expense to the rest of the world.  While this could be applied to the world’s richest people in general, the very specific example I am referring to is the Oil Industry, and all those involved in the supply side of the oil economy.  Continue reading