On The Public Suffocation of Colorado’s Civil Unions Bill

So, as I predicted with my magic powers, Frank McNulty killed the Civil Union bill the only way he could: procedurally.  Instead of sending it to any committee actually related to the bill, he sent it to the House Committee for State, Veterans, and Military Affairs, known as a ‘kill’ committee for the fact that all of its Republican members have safe seats and no reason to fear voter or public reprisal.  While the bill had previously been able to gain the support of the one necessary Republican to survive in each of its 3 (THREE!) Committee hearings, the old white assholes masquerading as Republican public servants would prove faithful to McNulty and the extreme right.  This, despite the fact that the bill not only had substantial popular support among both Colorado’s public and elected officials.  In fact, had the bill made it to the house floor, it is likely that it would have most likely have had a supermajority (or very close) of supporters. 

Consequently, our elected Republican officials did what they do best: they subverted the democratic process.  Throughout this whole ordeal they could have simply grandstanded against it, while allowing it the passage that it rightfully (by any count) deserved.  Instead, they used every parliamentary procedure they could to prevent a vote.  They filibustered on unrelated bills, at one point ‘satirically’ comparing the rights of nonheterosexual couples to have any kind of legally recognized relationship status to the ‘right’ of chocolate to be served in school cafeterias.  That is a lot of air quotes, but it was a lot of bullshit.  They also resorted to their most frequently used tool of the trade, ridiculous lies and distortions, in both statements to the press and in robocalls to voters.  Frank McNulty referred to the bill misleadingly as being about same-sex marriage on numerous occaisions; despite the fact that the civil unions proposed still lacked several basic rights afforded hetero couples, such as the ability to file joint income taxes on the state level.  He also attempted to spin the whole issue as being provoked by the Democrats, rather than the ridiculous obstructionism he has spent the past two weeks engaging in.  He criticized the Goverlooper for being divisive and putting politics ahead of the people while blocking a bill that had made it out of committee three times due to bipartisan support and was guaranteed passage should it be given its due.  In short, he spun a we of lies and deceit and smoke blown out of his face-asshole; for the purposes of creating a fictional narrative in which he was bravely fighting for the rights (?!?!?) of the people against an oppressive and cynical Democrat political machine.  The most depressing thing about that is that plenty of Colorado Republicans will hear his screed, and presume that it is the accurate retelling of events.

Much of the objection to civil unions was ‘founded’ on the previous votes to define marriage (not civil unions) as being between a man and a women, and an ancient (by political standards) failed previous civil union attempt.  During this time, the political and social climate has changed substantially in regards to attitudes about the alternative sexualities; and the popular support for this year’s civil union bill in numerous polls supports that idea.  Furthermore, the growing support for civil unions or same sex marriage among members of the Republican party who actually believe in a smaller, less intrusive government is evidence that this is less a matter of political ideology than a real matter of human rights.  The claims of today’s republicans that gay marriage or civil unions are an attack on their rights are no different than those who defended segregation as the white man’s right to attend all white schools (they’ll always have Bob Jones) and I think that in ten or fifteen years these bigots will be held in the same light as the bigots of all America’s past eras.  Bigotry being directed chronologically, I believe, at the blacks we dragged here from Africa; then the Chinese, then women, then Mexicans, then communists, and then coalescing into a unified front against all of them, and integrating a more and more rabid anti-gay sentiment as alternative gender lifestyles became more and more socially acceptible.  Fortunately, these bigots are an ever dwindling, albeit extremely vocal, minority.  Hopefully this whole ordeal just serves as a lesson to the reasonable people out there that vote Republican on the fact that their leaders are more interested in retaining their job than the well-being of the people, and vote accordingly.  I would recommend Libertarians, despite the fact that I think their economic theories are mostly the result of a childish and immature worldview.  Of course, they would probably say the same about me.


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