A Note on Progressive Reform

Often times, people attempt to dismess progressive social policy as more expensive than our current system, when nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, universal social programs are much cheaper than any other alternative for a few simple reasons.  First, we can reallocate all the financial and personnel we currently spend on keeping people from receiving government aid.  Which is a disturbingly large amount.  Replacing Medicaid and Medicare with one universal program that is available to everyone and completely funded by tax monies would most likely be possibly simply by combining the budgets of the two current agencies and resulting in a system that provides a better end result of care to more people for less money.  Furthermore, if the government were to engage actively in production of pharmaceuticals (at least for the subscribers of its current plan) this would substantially lower operating costs even further.  The essential thing to remember about a properly run government agency is that it is run to save money, not to make money, and that is much beneficial for the less affluent consumers, and more financially efficient for everyone involved in the economic equation.


One comment on “A Note on Progressive Reform

  1. thepoliticalcat says:

    Very interesting, Clankie. I met you on Wonkette.

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