Bryan Fischer drops a deuce that stands out in an entire CAFO’s worth of pig shit

I’m going to presume that everyone is by now familiar with the Akin nonsense.  Stunningly, both Phyllas Schlafly and Bryan Fischer from the AFA had refrained from commenting until now.  There’s many terrible things in that article, but by far the worst is this gem at the end:

Fischer lamented that “everybody is gang tackling Todd Akin.” “You talk about a forcible situation, you talk about somebody being a victim of forcible assault, that would be Todd Akin,” Fischer maintained.

So, just to be clear, what Bryan Fischer is saying that, while nobody has said that rape isn’t bad (although marital rape doesn’t apparently exist) one kind of rape that is way worse than ‘forcible rape’, or ‘legitimate rape’ or ‘fraudulent rape to get abortion money’ is the kind that is currently happening to Todd Akin.  So yes, again, to be clear, figurative rape = worse than rape rape.  Also, the term is gangbanging.


A Terrible Recovery

So, in continuing his theme of being one of less than ten Democrats with any testicular fortitude, Joe Biden recently referred to the members of the financial industry who objected to the Obama administration’s rather meek reforms as ‘squealing pigs’.  I think that this is rather uncharitable to pigs, which are vile, shit-eating-and-wallowing, oft-cannibalistic beasts who only seek to consume and defecate, but are still a bit more honorable and dignified than an American investment banker.  In response, a spokesman for the Lord Romneytron/Granny Starver campaign said “That assertion led Romney spokesman Ryan Williams to retort: “Vice President Biden’s claim that the middle class is ‘coming back’ couldn’t be more out of touch with the reality. Whether it’s high unemployment, falling incomes, soaring tuition costs, or rising prices, middle-class families are struggling in the worst economic recovery America has ever had.”

So, it’s an economic recovery, but the worst one we’ve ever had.  Is that implying that this recovery could be better, if there were not some kind of roadblock, or obstruction, preventing it?  Perhaps as if some weird and malevolent force were trying as hard as possible to block any kind of legislation that would improve the economy for purely political reasons?  Perhaps this party, and its financial supporters, could even be responsible for the high unemployment (outsourcing), falling incomes (economic competition with 2nd and 3rd world countries), tuition costs (who always wants to cut state school higher ed funding?), rising prices (energy price deregulation) and even try to eliminate tax breaks for the economically lower 80% of this country?  Clearly, everything would be better if instead of trying to do anything to recover, we simply continued all the Reagan/Bush policies that led to the recession in the first place.  I’m sure it will work out for the best this time.

The Most Expensive Whores In All The Land, or Why American Elections Make Me Vomit.

If this were somehow a parallel universe where everything was exactly the opposite, this sure would be a thrilling election year, wouldn’t it?  I think that the only thing that will get me to the polls is my horror over the very concept of a Romney/Ryan presidency.  Although, four years of that and we’d probably start seeing class warfare on a much more semantically valid level.  Which would be nice on the one hand, but there are an awful lot of cops out there who have already proven that their allegiance is first and foremost to America’s wealthy.  Meanwhile, Barack Obama is often trying as hard as he can to be unlikable to everyone who voted him into office four years ago.  There’s just so much to be either apathetic of disgusted about. 

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