Some thoughts on the election

So, a lot of people (including me) saw that one coming.  I just never imagined that the GOP secret chiefs were so vain that they would end up taking their own propaganda as truth.  At some point they lost the distinction between math, and the math they were doing to make their candidate feel better.  Mitt Romney didn’t help his cause any himself, in fact he almost single-handedly won the election for Obama back in 2011, with his campaign tactics in the primaries.  By perpetually locking the second (or briefly first) place candidate in a series of negative ads, America was pretty well versed in every negative aspect of Mitt Romney long before Obama had run a single ad.  Of course, Romney also ran the most secretive political campaign in history, with the bulk of his policy offerings consisting of, as Stephen Colbert put it, “you’ll find out later.” 

That said, the Republicans did a substantial amount of self destructing on their own, and it is absolutely worth noting that Planned Parenthood had a 97 percent rate of success compared to the 1 percent rate of Karl Rove’s American Crossroads (or whatever).  Regardless of the circumstances, this election can be properly and correctly viewed as a monumental achievement for the American Left.  Of course, this leaves the question of whether the Democrats will make anything out of this, or simply squander the opportunity.  As I have mentioned before, I have always felt that elected Dems, for the most part, have always done a piss poor job of articularing why progressive policy is good for the nation.  This is why Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren (I like that) went viral with what was a fairly simple explanation of the theory (like gravity and evolution) that drives progressive policy.  This is also why progressive policy will win every real debate every time; because while libertarian economic theory is based on theories that have had terrible consequences across the globe, progressive theory is based on the reality of the global economic situation.  Nowhere is this difference more clear than in Mittington Romneybot the Third, and his comments regarding China (we should be more like them) and the 47 percent of Americans who ear too little money to pay income taxes at the end of the year (fuck ’em).  America would do well to remember that in 2012, one of the two major political candidates looked at a country that has gigantic prison-factories, allows businesses to essentially enslave their employees, has some of the worst pollution on Earth, and one of the most notoriously brutal/tyrannical governments in modern times, and says ‘this is my vision for America’s future.’  America, to her credit, told him to go fuck himself.

So let’s not waste this opportunity and lose control to the Republicans again in 2016, when they run Jeb Bush/Rick Perry as the ultimate white boy ticket.  Instead, we are in a position where, by using progressive policy to help our economic recovery, that we can finally bring so much of America’s policy out of the 19th century and into the 21st.  Just a couple things off the top of my head would include an aggressive agricultural reinvestment policy combined with taxation on agricultural goods imported from other countries designed to make importing goods available in the US unprofitable while said goods are available here.  America is literally packed with usable farmland, and its time to stop ignoring it just because we can get cheaper crap from Central and South America.  Also, let’s reappropriate a modest amount of our ginormous defense budget for the purposes of  repairing our crumbling infrastructure; and put a huge amount of America’s un/underemployed to real work.  The core concept behind community reinvestment is that as it is a given that very few people (especially Americans) want to work for the government, if you put people to work for the government and pay them real wages, then a certain percentage of them while utilize their skills and go into business on their own; and a certain percentage of those businesses will do well enough to employ additional people, and perhaps treat them well enough that the circle will continue.  This is how healthy economic growth works, and this is the key to repairing our economy in a real and lasting way.  Strong promotion and implementation of progressive policies such as these would not only greatly benefit the citizenry and economy of our country, but could greatly strengthen the democrats voting base as well as steering the national dialogue in a direction more favorable to democrats in general.  Or we could blow it.  I’m going to try to be cautiously optimistic.


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