The unfortunate lack of testicular fortitude amongst Colorado elected officials

So, I love me some Diana Degette, always have, always will.  There’s a reason she will remain in office forever.  However, I still find it a bit of a downer that she has been really the only major elected office holder who has taken a positive stance on the passage of Amendment 64.  The reluctance of Hickenlooper and other Colorado dems to own up to a significant piece of legislation that was passed with a significant amount of approval has been nauseating.  If ever there were a situation that defined the importance of states’ rights in this country, it is this one right here; and this ‘well, let’s just wait and let the feds do whatever they want regardless of the will of the people’ attitude should be offensive to every right thinking Coloradan. 

As a special message to Governor Hickenlooper, let’s make this perfectly clear.  In 2010, a year in which the Colorado Republican party literally imploded in a blaze of hilarious soundbites and flaming diarrhea, you were elected with 53 percent of the vote.  This year, as the counting of votes is drawing to a close, Amendment 64 passed with 55 percent of the vote.  The meaning of this is clear: more people in this state support legal weed than support you; your opposition to this amendment combined with your metaphorical bootlicking of the federal government will not go over well with Colorado’s voters.


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