A Terrible Recovery

So, in continuing his theme of being one of less than ten Democrats with any testicular fortitude, Joe Biden recently referred to the members of the financial industry who objected to the Obama administration’s rather meek reforms as ‘squealing pigs’.  I think that this is rather uncharitable to pigs, which are vile, shit-eating-and-wallowing, oft-cannibalistic beasts who only seek to consume and defecate, but are still a bit more honorable and dignified than an American investment banker.  In response, a spokesman for the Lord Romneytron/Granny Starver campaign said “That assertion led Romney spokesman Ryan Williams to retort: “Vice President Biden’s claim that the middle class is ‘coming back’ couldn’t be more out of touch with the reality. Whether it’s high unemployment, falling incomes, soaring tuition costs, or rising prices, middle-class families are struggling in the worst economic recovery America has ever had.”

So, it’s an economic recovery, but the worst one we’ve ever had.  Is that implying that this recovery could be better, if there were not some kind of roadblock, or obstruction, preventing it?  Perhaps as if some weird and malevolent force were trying as hard as possible to block any kind of legislation that would improve the economy for purely political reasons?  Perhaps this party, and its financial supporters, could even be responsible for the high unemployment (outsourcing), falling incomes (economic competition with 2nd and 3rd world countries), tuition costs (who always wants to cut state school higher ed funding?), rising prices (energy price deregulation) and even try to eliminate tax breaks for the economically lower 80% of this country?  Clearly, everything would be better if instead of trying to do anything to recover, we simply continued all the Reagan/Bush policies that led to the recession in the first place.  I’m sure it will work out for the best this time.


The Most Expensive Whores In All The Land, or Why American Elections Make Me Vomit.

If this were somehow a parallel universe where everything was exactly the opposite, this sure would be a thrilling election year, wouldn’t it?  I think that the only thing that will get me to the polls is my horror over the very concept of a Romney/Ryan presidency.  Although, four years of that and we’d probably start seeing class warfare on a much more semantically valid level.  Which would be nice on the one hand, but there are an awful lot of cops out there who have already proven that their allegiance is first and foremost to America’s wealthy.  Meanwhile, Barack Obama is often trying as hard as he can to be unlikable to everyone who voted him into office four years ago.  There’s just so much to be either apathetic of disgusted about. 

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Re: the upholding of the affordable care act

Since I am not that paricularly fond of the affordable care act in the first place it is hard for me to get overly worked up about its fairly obvious resolution.  In reality the whole opposition to the thing has really made me lose all semblance of faith in a large segment of the population.  The fact that so many people could be persuaded that a national health care system was something that was somehow not only unamerican but a danger to the moral fabric of our country is just unfathomable to me.  I am fairly sure that the implementation of national single payer health care plans began in skandinavia in either the late 1910s or early 1920s, and I think canada has had theirs for at least 30 or 40 years.  National health care is something that is enjoyed by the population of nearly every first world country across the globe, and not only does a substantial percentage of America’s political and media culture proclaim that it would destroy our society, 30-40 percent of our population believes them. 

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As you might know if you read this regularly, I’m a big picture kind of guy. At this point, my ideal future for the United States may or may not hold a lengthy and violent political and economic revolution. Historically speaking, the reason that one group of people hasn’t controlled everything forever is because every time one subgroup of society gets too close to complete control over the lives and assets of the other castes within that society, the majority eventually takes them back. The process is not always performed through violent revolution, in fact the reason we are in a bit of a sticky situation right now is in no small part due to the ability, perfected during colonial times, of those in power to appear to give up their power in acquiescence to popular demand, while in fact simply transitioning it to others among them with the same agenda. If that sounds familiar to some people, it is probably because that has been the United States political system for the past 50 years.  However, this can only continue for so long, and from all observation of our politicians, media, corporations, and citizens, it will reach a breaking point fairly soon.  In fact, I would say that if the US continues in the same directions it has been heading for the past 32 or so years, we will see the complete collapse of American society within 15 to 25 years. Continue reading

A Quick Hello to the Department of Homeland Security

The incredibly long list of words that the DHS is monitoring facebook, twitter, and whatever else you talk to people with begins on page 20 of this document.

A Note on Progressive Reform

Often times, people attempt to dismess progressive social policy as more expensive than our current system, when nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, universal social programs are much cheaper than any other alternative for a few simple reasons.  First, we can reallocate all the financial and personnel we currently spend on keeping people from receiving government aid.  Which is a disturbingly large amount.  Replacing Medicaid and Medicare with one universal program that is available to everyone and completely funded by tax monies would most likely be possibly simply by combining the budgets of the two current agencies and resulting in a system that provides a better end result of care to more people for less money.  Furthermore, if the government were to engage actively in production of pharmaceuticals (at least for the subscribers of its current plan) this would substantially lower operating costs even further.  The essential thing to remember about a properly run government agency is that it is run to save money, not to make money, and that is much beneficial for the less affluent consumers, and more financially efficient for everyone involved in the economic equation.

On The Public Suffocation of Colorado’s Civil Unions Bill

So, as I predicted with my magic powers, Frank McNulty killed the Civil Union bill the only way he could: procedurally.  Instead of sending it to any committee actually related to the bill, he sent it to the House Committee for State, Veterans, and Military Affairs, known as a ‘kill’ committee for the fact that all of its Republican members have safe seats and no reason to fear voter or public reprisal.  While the bill had previously been able to gain the support of the one necessary Republican to survive in each of its 3 (THREE!) Committee hearings, the old white assholes masquerading as Republican public servants would prove faithful to McNulty and the extreme right.  This, despite the fact that the bill not only had substantial popular support among both Colorado’s public and elected officials.  In fact, had the bill made it to the house floor, it is likely that it would have most likely have had a supermajority (or very close) of supporters.  Continue reading