A moment of candor about Mitt Romney

Honesty is something that is largely absent from today’s political discourse, but to a seasoned observer certain truths become fairly obvious.  The first of which, that arose in 2007, but became painfully obvious in 2011, was that the Republican Party has a Mitt Romney problem.  Now, I live in Colorado, so I had little previous exposure to Mitt Romney, other than the fact that he was oddly unpersonable for a major political candidate.  After learning more about him, it became obvious why he succeeded as a Massachussets governor.  He was an unbearably snobbish upper class puritan who’s only real values are  money, class, and power; and who would say anything or support anything he thought would increase his status in one of those three areas.  Unfortunately, this type of behavior doesn’t particularly play well across the country, and it certainly didn’t hurt Romney that he has a fuckton of cash and ran in one of the most heavily Republican leaning election years in modern history (2002).

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