Having your cake, and eating it too.

You know, the fact that the media has given up calling major pary politicians and pundits on outright lies and distortions has really freed up the republicans in what must be some very enjoyable ways.  Never before has a political party been so thoroughly able to employ the strategy of employing toxic and harmful policies, and then blaming their opponents for the results during an election cycle.  Had the republicans employed this strategy in 1996, and blamed Clinton and the Democrats for shutting down the government and being petty obstructionists, Clinton might have been a one term president.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the persistent hard work of a mainstream media, that, when not posessed of conservative bias, is posessed of a laziness bias.  Sure, you could question the validity of blaming Obama for things that are the direct result of Bush policies or Republican policies or would have been aided by bills that republicans persistently blocked, but that’s work.  It’s so much easier to just repeat what the candidates say as if each is accurate, even when they directly contradict.  Of course, major props go out to Fox News, as well, a network that has a lack of decenty that would make Joseph McCarthy blush.  Clearly, Rupert Murdoch’s experiences with helping the Chinese government with their television networks taught the man a great deal.  Through all of this wonderful magic (or illusions, if you will) the Republican party, and their ultra-wealthy supporters, have managed to create some kind of completely fictional alternate reality in which Barack Obama is a socialist and fascist monster who took over an America of wonderful opportunity and fantastic wealth, where everyone was happy and employed, and turned it into an Orwellian nightmare in which Christians are a persecuted minority and rich people are being robbed by a government that hands their money to lazy, shiftless bums.  Which is admirable, I guess.