Having your cake, and eating it too.

You know, the fact that the media has given up calling major pary politicians and pundits on outright lies and distortions has really freed up the republicans in what must be some very enjoyable ways.  Never before has a political party been so thoroughly able to employ the strategy of employing toxic and harmful policies, and then blaming their opponents for the results during an election cycle.  Had the republicans employed this strategy in 1996, and blamed Clinton and the Democrats for shutting down the government and being petty obstructionists, Clinton might have been a one term president.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the persistent hard work of a mainstream media, that, when not posessed of conservative bias, is posessed of a laziness bias.  Sure, you could question the validity of blaming Obama for things that are the direct result of Bush policies or Republican policies or would have been aided by bills that republicans persistently blocked, but that’s work.  It’s so much easier to just repeat what the candidates say as if each is accurate, even when they directly contradict.  Of course, major props go out to Fox News, as well, a network that has a lack of decenty that would make Joseph McCarthy blush.  Clearly, Rupert Murdoch’s experiences with helping the Chinese government with their television networks taught the man a great deal.  Through all of this wonderful magic (or illusions, if you will) the Republican party, and their ultra-wealthy supporters, have managed to create some kind of completely fictional alternate reality in which Barack Obama is a socialist and fascist monster who took over an America of wonderful opportunity and fantastic wealth, where everyone was happy and employed, and turned it into an Orwellian nightmare in which Christians are a persecuted minority and rich people are being robbed by a government that hands their money to lazy, shiftless bums.  Which is admirable, I guess.


Paul Ryan is an Intellectual Fraud, or the Ayn Rand Piece.

When I was a teenager, I think 15 or so, as most American male teenagers of higher than average intelligence do, I went through an Ayn (pronounced ‘ein’) Rand phase.  I’m not ashamed to admit it, even though it is the philosophical equivalent to a spoiled teen girl’s belief that the world revolves around her.  As a philosophy, Objectivism is not without redeeming features.  However, in order to implement Objectivism in the real world, it would require two conditions be met in order to not collapse into a Somalian style warlord society.  The first condition is that everyone be a genius, and the second would be that everyone have an innately benevolent nature.  In fact, despite the nature of some of her more ardent followers, the entirety of Rand’s philosophy rests on an innate belief in the good nature of man.  It was her general belief that it was only when given institutionalized authority over other men that the more negative aspects of man’s nature took over.  To summarize: if we lived in a world where everyone was a genius with no ill will towards his fellow man, objectivism would be a perfect philosophy for everyone.  Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.

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On The Public Suffocation of Colorado’s Civil Unions Bill

So, as I predicted with my magic powers, Frank McNulty killed the Civil Union bill the only way he could: procedurally.  Instead of sending it to any committee actually related to the bill, he sent it to the House Committee for State, Veterans, and Military Affairs, known as a ‘kill’ committee for the fact that all of its Republican members have safe seats and no reason to fear voter or public reprisal.  While the bill had previously been able to gain the support of the one necessary Republican to survive in each of its 3 (THREE!) Committee hearings, the old white assholes masquerading as Republican public servants would prove faithful to McNulty and the extreme right.  This, despite the fact that the bill not only had substantial popular support among both Colorado’s public and elected officials.  In fact, had the bill made it to the house floor, it is likely that it would have most likely have had a supermajority (or very close) of supporters.  Continue reading

The Unfortunately Unavoidable Death of Civil Unions

So, I guess it is time to talk about the unfortunate realities of our political system, and how they are often used as a tool for subverting the actual democratic process.
Post story about this terrible ordeal.

Long story short, Colorado’s civil union bill (which had a surprising 60-70 percent popular support in the past couple months) died in the most unglorious way possible: publicly, and procedurally.  The small handful of Republicans who supported this bill (more on them later) should it reach the House floor were enough to guarantee its success, which is only logical as many of the political values Republicans claim to adhere to would actually suggest that perhaps the Big Government shouldn’t get in the way of TWO ADULT CONSENTING HUMANS to get married at all.  Continue reading

House once again effectively renders reform legislation worthless.


The first thing that jumps out at me from this story is that apparently a $400 million industry built around directly selling American political intelligence to American companies.  With about as much regulation as a 10 year old’s lemonade stand.  This certainly explains a lot about the relationship between the stock market and congress.  It doesn’t surprise me that this exists, but it does surprise me that the people doing this don’t even have to identify themselves as such.  A provision requiring them to do so, which passed in the senate, was stripped from the house version that was recently passed.  Stripped by the King of Pandering Objectivist Nerd Whiners (an ever expanding category) Eric Cantor.  Go Democracy!

Santorum Surges Forth, Overwhelming Gingrich, Romney

Results of the Colorado Caucus [Denver Post]
So Rick Santorum (go google it now, just to keep the pageviews up) has just won three states in one night. Including, not too surprisingly, Colorado. I say not surprisingly, even though Romney won here four years ago, and received the endorsement of many of Colorado’s more prominent Republican party members, including the Denver Post. And yes, that reads correctly. So if Romney was so heavily favored, how did he lose so decisively?
The answer is simple: Romney is very heavily favored, but only by the establishment, the surrounding millionaires, and the wealthy republicans who make up the majority of their party’s financial assets. However, the past four years have not been particularly kind to the public image of insanely wealthy venture capitalists. This is why the counties that Romney was able to win either had substantial Mormon populations or were in the Denver metro area.
In the areas Santorum won, he had two major advantages over Romney going into the campaign. The first is that Colorado has always been particularly distrustful of the political establishment; and Colorado natives frequently exhibit this trait in their voting. The second is that rural Colorado, particularly the flat parts, is populated heavily by Christian zealots and meth nazis. These are two groups that are obviously all up in Santorum’s camp. Remember, this is the state that tried to make it totally cool to discriminate against gays for any reason.

G for Vendetta

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So here are my thoughts on the Republican race in Colorado, for the nobody who particularly wants to hear them. Bear in mind of course that I wouldn’t consider myself a member of either party, my personal political beliefs being best describes as a strongly freedom-minded leftist. Mitt Romney appeals to the moneyed elite wing of the party, hence the Denver Post endorsement, as well as those who are Republican mainly for reasons of financial self-interest. Ron Paul, who, if you apply the traditional definition is the only Conservative Republican in the race, appeals to the like. However, the modern republican party is no place for someone who believes in a smaller, less intrusive, cost effective government; and so he is regarded rightfully as a fringe candidate. Rick Santorum is the kind of guy who looks at Iran and says ‘the only problem with them is that they aren’t Christians’; and would endeavor to make our nation as similar to such a theocracy as possible, simply swapping out their faith for his. Which brings us to the Newtster. The Newtmeister. Newtzilla. His Newterness. Let’s go with that last one. Newt appeals to two types of people: angry racists who have more fear and hatred than common sense; and the women who think that they could be the next Newt Gingirch. Like this one:
“Nicholle DeVere, who attended the Gingrich rally in Golden in the morning and also planned to see Romney at night. The 34-year-old from Parker said she has always liked Gingrich and ‘just wanted to be in the same room with him.”
From that Post story, of course. Also, gross.

So, if you call yourself a Republican or a conservative, I don’t understand how you could vote for anyone other than Ron Paul, because he is the only one who isn’t a clingy and transparent phony. I wouldn’t vote for him in a million years, but civil negotiation between people like him and people like me is what helped this country succeed for 150 years, before both parties simply became the Corporation parties.